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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kinabayo Festival 2008

I just came from a 3-day vacation from Dapitan City, which is also known as the Shrine City of the South. Last July 25, 2008, Dapitan celebrated its annual Kinabayo Festival as part of the Feast of SeƱor Santiago or St. James.

Kinabayo Festival is a colorful celebration re-enacting the Spanish-Moorish wars, mainly the Battle of Covadonga where the Spanish forces under General Pelagio took their last stand against Saracan. They were able to overturn the tide through the miraculous spirit of St. James. The addition of local color and modernism has made this annual celebration a popular attraction which brings thousands of tourists to the Dapitan City.

The Festival was highlighted by a street dance and showdown which were participated by 3 teams. Barangay Bagting of Dapitan City bagged the grand prize.

Enjoy my pictures of the Festival Dance showdown held in Jose Rizal Memorial State College last July 25.


Aleksi said...

Dint Know u came home during the Kinabayo. Judging by ur fotos basin gatapad ta when i shot this...


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