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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MILF Bruhaha

I had the scare of my life yesterday while traveling by bus from Dipolog to Zamboanga.

I had to go home to Dapitan last Sunday to attend to my father's 60th Birthday celebration the next day. It was a perfect schedule because Monday was declared holiday. I was planning to take the last trip of Rural Transit on Monday. However, news broke out that the MILF rebels ambushed 2 Rural Transit buses in Lanao. I had to cancel my trip and decided to take a morning bus on Tuesday.

Everyone was "praning" while in the bus. When we reached the Municipality of Ipil, we heard a siren from a police patrol car. I can remember the faces of the people on the bus as they checked what was happening outside. Good thing it was just a motorcade.

When we reach an area almost in Zamboanga, I observed that there were people in military uniform. It's quite alarming to see that it is now very difficult to distinguish a military personell from an MILF rebel because they both were the same camoflage uniforms. My judgement tells me that the men scattered in the place were rebels.

Fortunately, I came back to Zamboanga safe and sound. Everyone in Zamboanga are fearful on what might happen in the coming days. I only blame the goverment for putting us in this situation. People in Mindanao has always been the government's sacrificial lamb. But I know that someday, somehow things will change.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Support Philippine Sites for New 7 Wonders

GMA News reported that the rank of the sites representing Philippines in the bid to be included in the New 7 wonders of the world has gone down. You can still vote to ensure that one of the sites will make it to the magic 7. Please visit to vote.

You can read my previous post regarding New 7 Wonders of the world. Read more...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Angan- angan

My friend and fellow Mindanaoan, Sheron Dayoc brought honor to Zamboanga during the 2008 Cinemalya Film Festival as he bagged Jury's Special Citation for his short film "Angan-angan" (Dreams).

Watch the trailer below:


Team Philippines in Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Beijing Olympics started with a spectacular opening ceremonies. To show our support to the Philippine Team, we can pray for their victory and watch their games on TV. Below is the schedule of games for the Philippine Team:

Harry Tañamor (Boxing) : Aug 13 2008,20:15
Mary Antoinette Rivero (Taekwondo) : No sched yet
Mark Javier (Archery) : Aug 9 2008, 15:30 and Aug 13 2008, 15:30
Eric Ang (Shooting) : Aug 9 2008, 09:00 and Aug 10 2008, 09:00
Hidilyn Diaz (Weight lifting) : No sched yet
Henril Dagmil (Track and Field) : No sched yet
Marestela Torres (Track and Field) : No sched yet
Miguel Molina (Swimming) : Aug 12 2008, 19:28, Men's 200m Breaststroke - Heat 2 and Aug 13 2008, 19:46, Men's 200m Individual Medley - Heat 2
Ryan Arabejo (Swimming) : No sched yet
Daniel Coakley (Swimming) : No sched yet
James Walsh (Swimming): No sched yet
Christel Simms (Swimming) : Aug 13 2008, 18:36, Women's 100m Freestyle - Heat 2 and Aug 15 2008, 18:43, Women's 50m Freestyle - Heat 6
Shiela Mae Perez (Diving) : Aug 15 2008, 13:30, Women's 3m Springboard Preliminary
Rexel Ryan Fabriga (Diving) : Aug 22 2008, 19:00, Men's 10m Platform Preliminary Read more...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Go Team Philippines

The 2008 Summer Olympics starts tomorrow in Beijing, China. In the opening ceremonies, boxing champion Manny Pacquiao will lead the 15-man Philippine contingent. Team Philippines is composed of boxer Harry Tañamor, taekwondo jins Mary Antoinette Rivero and Tshomlee Go, archer Mark Javier, shooter Eric Ang, weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz, tracksters Marestella Torres and Henry Dagmil, swimmers Miguel Molina, Ryan Arabejo, Daniel Coakley, James Walsh and Christel Simms, and divers Shiela Mae Perez and Rexel Ryan Fabriga.

Go Team Philippines! Make us Filipinos proud.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Project Runway Philippines

The Philippine installment of Project Runway made its tv debut last July 30 on ETC Channel. The Bravo TV franchise aims to give Filipino designers break in to the fashion industry.

I really liked the first episode. The whole production gave justice to the original version of this hit reality tv show. The host was superb. The treatment of the loft clips is unique. It reminds me of the indie film-type of camera movements. The designs of are appeal to the Filipino taste yet world-class. Watch the clip below for the episode 1 runway show.