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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zamboagueña alluring beauty

by Tita Corteza/ Social Whirl- Society Columnist of Daily Zamboanga Times

I Love Biocare

She is the epitome of a real modern career oriented Zamboangueña beauty – Jennilyn “Jet” Tenorio. Dedicated to her work but never neglects her physical beauty. And she has made us proud in her own way.

Not fair skin or of the mestiza type, her gorgeousness has been compared to Techie Agbayani or Anjanette Agbayari many times. They have these strong Filipina features admired by men and women as well all over the world. Their morena beauties are timeless. Their golden tan skin are desired by Europeans and Americans everywhere (which makes me still wonder why do most Filipinas like to be fair when we have the exotic skin that makes us stand out above the rest of the women).

I am a morena myself and it has never hampered me from entering beauty contests. As a matter of fact, my glowing brown skin makes me the center of attention of men in my younger days and the envy of other ladies until today. Beyond beauty skin, it is the self-confidence that will bring us forward. I have always believed I am beautiful and so is Jet.

A professional singer, Jet, has been in and out of our country to perform with top bands as their lead singer in big cities all over the world. With a melodramatic sweet voice, she can carry her audience into the air and feel the emotions of her songs. And she can also swing her audience into a dancing mood by changing to an exuding sexy voice.

On a short vacation here, Jet took a beauty rest and was elated when she learned about the beauty and health festival offers of fave Biocare Skin Slimming Spa Center. To maintain her glowing and radiant skin, she regularly visits the best skin centers of other countries and seeks professional reliable skin experts. Before coming home to Zamboanga City, Biocare was top on her must do list.

Preparing for her beauty treatment

It is so relaxing at Biocare

She likes Biocare because of their modern treatments and procedures that help bring out and enhance her natural looks, not changed it, she said. Biocare, she added, knows how to reveal the true value of a woman’s beauty no matter what’s their age, their skin type or even lifestyles. They don’t impose beauty, they make you more beautiful of your God-given physical asset which is the main reason she is a Biocare avid client she explained.

She saw herself how the different beauty levels of Biocare clients are being taken care off. From high school to college students, from housewives to professionals, they keep on coming back to Biocare like her, Jet told me. They’re her beauty mates, she claimed.

“I love going to Biocare because it’s so clean, cozy, and everyone respects your privacy. They’re very accommodating. It’s like having a home service here, so relaxing and an exhilarating beauty experience,” she continued in our conversation.

She excitedly talked also about the Biocare Oxygen Biologie Mask she availed of. It has done rejuvenating wonders to her stressed out skin. She has looked younger because of it, she swore. She had a full body scrub done by Biocare to remove her dead skin all over her body she revealed too.

No wonder Zamboangueñas are admired wherever she goes because Biocare has taken good care of her physical assets.

Preparing for her body scrub

Inside Biocare Luxurious Sauna Room

Jen had a Biocare volcanic stone massage

Biocare Polarized Light Skin Treatment

Biocare Biologie Oxygen Mask

To keep her fats out, Jen had a slimming treatment too


Saturday, October 25, 2008

We therefore celebrate moments of victory when such humble woods and sticks are transformed...into human beings which play with the cosmos through syllables” (Excerpt from Kiko Miranda’s Speech).

To be daring is one thing most people are afraid of being. They are afraid of taking risks, afraid of failing, afraid of the unknown. But without the proverbial mantra of “No Guts, No Glory”, man would be as stagnant as a rock.

Last October 14, at the façade of The Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago of Ateneo de Zamboanga University, 24 students of Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU), dared to make history and a difference. Guided by their instructor Marco Alfino “Kiko” Miranda, the students of ADZU Creative Writing and Playwriting of the Department of Mass Communication launched the first-ever all-student publication in the city entitled “Binurong Lapis”.

It is an anthology of 10 short stories and 10 one-act plays originally written by Kiko’s students in COMM324 (Creative Writing) and COMM425 (Writing for Stage). The concept of Binurong Lapis was actually taken from the native delicacy, atchara or pickled papaya. No wonder they gave bottles of atchara as give-aways to the guests - an artistic way to symbolize the title of the book.

The students of Creative Writing and Playwriting with Kiko Miranda

The stories and plays, like the papaya, were given more flavors through series of writing workshops where the student’s works were sifted, edited, criticized, and dissected. Given time and the countless “ingredients” added from the workshops, their stories and plays are now ready to be served to the public, proving that to be daring, is to succeed; and to believe is to achieve, Kiko said.

Kiko always believed that Zamboanga is a melting pot of talents that are just waiting to be brewed and eventually be served. This book launch was his way of showing the Zamboangueño’s talents are now ready for the picking. All they, the talents, need is a little push, a little pinch in the butt, and a stampede of talents will definitely happen, he said.

Those who graced the events were Dr. Aireen Barrios, ADZU Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Ed Baños, ADZU Department Chair of the Department of Mass Communication, and Cheng Ordoñez, Editor-in-Chief of Sunstar Zamboanga Online.
“Writing transforms not only the ink, not only the paper, nor the syllables, letters, norwords. It also transforms people. It changes souls,” Kiko proudly announced.

From humble lowly seemingly useless pieces of wood, the students under Kiko Miranda’s tutelage, are now transformed into links to the divine. They have made history. They have made a difference. They have created change.

(For your copies of the Binurong Lapis, you can contact Joseph Roger Subong cellphone
number; 0927-666-4828.)

Let’s have our 3rd cup

by Dante Corteza

Asia’s Latin City is getting to be a highly urbanized place and will be like big metropolitan cities of Makati, Cebu, or Davao someday. We are catching up with the changing lifestyles today. One of these is hanging outside our home for a good cup of coffee. A coffee shop – where we can unwind and relax with families, friends or business associates. Where we can freely talk, plan, or simply chat with one another.

What’s best, we can go there all by ourselves too. Alone – we can lighten up, reflect, and think better. And where we can find this right spot? The 3rd Cup Coffee Shop at Gov. Camins Avenue (it is on the left side if we are coming from the Sta. Cruz Market and before the bridge of the crossroads of Canelar and Sta. Maria).
Under a better management, this is the new hype place to be and where we can enjoy more than two cups of coffee. Aside from making us alert, coffee has its good health benefits too according to recent medical findings. This is good news for coffee addicts!

Pair our coffee with a sandwich, pasta, pastries, or a slice of cake, the day is complete at 3rd Cup. Now if we’re not coffee drinkers, they serve smoothies, teas, cola drinks, or even beers to satisfy our thirst. We can also surf the net for free at 3rd Cup.

What’s makes 3rd Cup different from others is that it can accommodate up to 60 people at the same time. It is the biggest coffee shop in town. For smokers, they have a separate room specifically for them. And now, if we’re planning to have a small pocket meeting, 3rd Cup has a small function room that can accommodate 20 people.

What I like about 3rd Cup? It has a classic and comfy ambiance with friendly budget prices.

3rd Cup Assistant Marketing Manager Nini Arquiza welcomed the 3rd Cup guests and Friends

Cutting of ribbon by Helen Tan and Ed Ong

Blessing the entrance of the 3rd Cup

Bankers at 3rd Cup

3rd Cup brings harmony in short orders of drinks and food

Where ladies can enjoy the latest fashions and vacation places

Where ladies can enjoy the latest fashions and vacation places

Fr. Butch Candido with 3rd Cup Operation Managers Allan Luy, Alvin and Angel Luy

Fr. Butch Candido welcomed the grace of God

New place to hang-out in Asia's Latin City

Zamboanga Dancesport Competition Year 5

by Dante Corteza

It was my first time to witness the dancesport competition of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival last October 10 at the Zamboanga City Coliseum. This has been going on for the last five years under the supervision of the Zamboanga City Tourism Office.

I was totally floored and awed with the young competitors. They were so graceful in twisting their bodies and thumping around. It made the audience stomped too their feet in rhythm with the music. Simply great!

And to think that the general impression of most people only the oldies are good at this. In other countries, ballroom dancesport is a phenomenon. People of all ages and sexes are crazy about it. Dancing does not give us only fit bodies, it develops our self-discipline, self-esteem, our mind (have to think fast our next moves), and maturity of our emotions (winning is not everything here). We have to feel the music to perform well.

Top Hollywood male superstars including action stars are good dancers. It gives them agility and it can also help bear long sustenance of physical endurance for them.

Kudos should be given to City Mayor Celso Lobregat for supporting this physical art of endeavor through the coordination of the City Tourism Office.

The declared winners were: College Category – (First Place-Universidad de Zamboanga); (Second Place-Zamboanga City Polytechnic College), and (Third Place- Western Mindanao State University). High School Category – (First Place-Montessori de Zamboanga), (Second Place-Claret High School), and (Third Place-Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School).

Next year, the dancsport promises to be grander and more exciting!

More pictures at the photo gallery of What's on Zamboanga.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kjwan performed at Musiklaban in Café Saco

by Dante Corteza

Kjwan with Anthony Mas and his son

Not a music lover, I was astounded for awhile when I witnessed how the contestants of the 2008 Red Horse’s Musiklaban Rock Challenge performed at Café Sacco last October 9. Banging their head and singing (for me, it was shouting) lyrics I could not understand. They were absolutely crazy I thought.

Opps - don’t tell me it’s my age since I have never appreciated rock music even I was a teenager. But that night I understood better why this music existed. I found out that it’s just another way of expressing their youthful energy and a way of releasing their angst about life for this genre of musicians.

I am glad that this alcohol beverage company is giving a legitimate outlet for our rock singers. Through a contest such as this, our rock musicians all over our country become more creative and develop closer bonding with one another. They are advocating too a strong campaign against the use of illegal drugs. And recently, I know an increasing number of Christian bands are also into rock Christian music.

Rock music is not after all hard rhythm and booze. And it was proven to me by Kjwan, the Philippine rock band that won the Asia International Music Contest held in Malaysia last year. Led by former MTV Philippines VJ Marc Abaya, Kjwan is out to conquer new heights this year with its new album being criticized as one of the bests to make a strong mark.

The band is busy this year promoting the band’s sophomore album "Two Step Marv."

The son of director Marilou-Diaz Abaya, Marc believes that his VJing and his being a rock band vocalist have essentially helped each other pull up his artistry and as a public figure. Undoubtedly he has carved a name for himself as one of the more distinctive attitudes in the biz, both as rocker and VJ.

Formed in May 2003, Kjwan released its debut album that produced the big rock hit "Daliri". Its 12-track second album was launched late last year under new label Barnyard Music, boasting the heavy love song "Pintura."

Asked about the music the group brought into doing "Two Step Marv", the eloquent crowd pleaser elaborated, "We made an effort to sound different and provide our listeners with something new. This is a more mature album, with some inputs unsafe, meaning, hindi madali ma-digest. Basically it’s still rock by nature, but the various influences we have as individuals have come into fusion that makes us say our sound now is something not being heard from other acts." He explained this in a newspaper article about him and his band.

The present lineup of Kjwan include Kelly Mangahas (bass), Jorel Corpus (guitars, percussion, vocals), J-hoon Balbuena (drums, vocals), and Boogie Romero (guitars, vocals).

Kjwan got its name from a teacher’s remark ‘kwan’, meaning ‘ano’ which had a student funnily scanning a dictionary because he thought of it as a mathematical variable. The silent ‘j’ in the word was just added for artistry; or as one of the members said, ‘artestry.’

You can watch the slide show of the photos below or visit the Photo Gallery of What's on Zamboanga.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Barrio Girl is Ms Zamboanga 2008

A girl from La Paz, Zamboanga City was hailed as the fairest of all the candidates of Miss Zamboanga 2008 last October 9, 2008 at Astoria Regency. Sherrydelle Sarreal,a call center trainer wowed the audience and the judges with her beauty and wit. Completing her entourage are the following winners:

1st runner-up: Racquel Asa
2nd runner-up: Joey Albert Short
3rd runner-up: Katrina Camoro
4th runner-up: Lenybeth Militante

Racquel Asa also won Best in Production Number and Best in Gown. Katrina Camoro went home with Best in Swimwear and Miss Photogenic awards. The Best in Corporate Attire was awarded to Joey Albert Short.

Miss Zamboanga 2008
Sherrydelle Sarreal

1st runner-up
Racquel Asa

2nd runner-up
Joey Albert Short

3rd runner-up
Katrina Camoro

4th runner-up
Lenybeth Militante

You can watch the slide show of the photos below or visit the Photo Gallery of What's on Zamboanga.


Cosechas de Zamboanga

Farmers from Zamboanga, Cotabato and Davao displayed their products during the Cosechas de Zamboanga at Plaza Pershing. The market fair ran from October 1 to 15, 2008.

During my visit at the trade fair, I was able to taste an exotic root crop called Yacon. Yacon is considered as the Apple of the Earth. It looks like a camote or ube but when it is peeled it looks like an apple. It is watery and had a very distinct taste. I was also amazed by the gigantic gumamelas.

You can watch the slide show of the photos below or visit the Photo Gallery of What's on Zamboanga.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Market! Market! in Catribo

by Dante Corteza

In celebration of the Zamboanga Hermosa 2008 Festival, Catribo Complex is holding a trade fair inside its big parking space up to October 16. With variety of traders selling assorted items from clothing, novelty items, food, fruits, cosmetics, barter goods, etc., this is the version of Manila’s famous shopping paradise Market! Market! – this is Tiangge Tiangge na Catribo.

It officially opened last Sunday with VP Elago as the event’s energetic emcee and with the popular local band, Detour, giving live music entertainment. VP with his quick wits and good hosting of instant games the shoppers surely had an enjoyable Sunday evening.

I learned most of these shoppers just came from their visit from Fort Pilar. Some drop by before paying their religious homage.

What makes this marketing event special, it gives family opportunities to be closer with one another. They can shop and dine together in one of Catribo’s finest restaurants. And sing also in the shopping complex videoke bar before calling the night off. Like praying together, a family that shops, eats, and sings together too, will stay together. And it can happen right here at Catribo!

Friends and lovers also can do midnight shopping, and of course, buy early Christmas gifts to avoid the season rush all together. A cup of coffee or a bottle of beer can bring out anything under the sun topics after their shopping spree too.

Among those that first caught my pocket is the Michelle Special Bangus – that sells different kinds of bangus (milk fish) preparations specially the sought-after belly parts. Our family’s favorite – we had a satisfying bangus breakfast yesterday. The enterprising owner said the bangus came from Dagupan the Bangus Capital of the Philippines. The good news? The price is comparable to the ones being sold in our local market and groceries. But Michelle’s Bangus are more delectable and lip-smackingly good in sight (hygienically packed), smell heavenly (the aroma comes out during and after cooking), and taste (very good!).

Budgetwise also launched their new wine collections. Together with several friends, we had a sort of “mini-wine party” at Mr. Bean with three of Budget’s best wines. No – we didn’t end up as drunkards afterwards neither it was a social drinking (pa shot-shot lang). It was sort of learning the art of appreciating wines.

We animatedly talked the history of wines, where they came from, how they are made, how to store them, how to distinguish good wines using our sense of sight, smell, and taste etc. with one of the managers of Budgetwise. It was really an enlightening evening with him. Want to know about wine? Visit the wine section of Budgetwise and learn too.

My favorite, Chinito’s, one of the booth participants, brought their best cuisines and drinks. Asked why they were there? It’s a chance to serve their customers who likes to have Chinito’s in midnight they explained.

It was also the launching exposure one of the services, the Doddle, offered by the up-coming advertising and business consultancy firm, What’s On Zamboanga. A newly created company (merging new trends in information technology and business opportunities), the corporate team members (composed of dynamic young men and women) created a big wall of doddle (a mix graphic arts of drawn subjects) that caught the attention of the shoppers.

This is used in Manila trade fairs and other events to bring in the crowd. People can take pictures with the doddle as the background. Try it! Bring you camera, pose with the Catribo Doddle Board, and take your shots. In other places, they charge certain fees. At Catribo, it’s free!
(Catribo Tiangge, conveniently located in Buenavista St., opens from 4:30 pm to Midnight.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miss Zamboanga 2008

Nine beautiful candidates will vie for the title of Miss Zamboanga 2008 on October 9, 2008 at the Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City.

The candidates:
1. Lenybeth Militante
2. Katrina Camoro
3. Jovy Clyd Omoso
4. Sherrydelle Sarreal
5. Kristine Joy Pinote
6. Karina Mae Manuel
7. Katherine Ann Inclan
8. Racquel Asa
9. Joey Albert Short

Thanks to Kenneth Lorenzo of Solidmart Digital for allowing me to post the pictures here.

Here are larger pictures of the candidates and their profile:

Contestant No. 1
Lenybeth Militante
23 years old
Bank Teller

Contestant No. 2
Katrina Camoro
18 years old
Student at Western Mindanao State University
taking up BS Nursing

Contestant No. 3
Jovy Clyd Omoso
20 years old
Student at Universidad de Zamboanga- School of Allied Medicine
taking up BS Nursing

Contestant No. 4
Sherrydelle Sarreal
22 years old
Recruiter/ Trainer Cyber City Teleservices (Phils.) Inc.

Contestant No. 5
Kristine Joy Pinote
18 years old
Student at Computer Technologies Institute Zamboanga
taking Computer Secretarial

Contestant No. 6
Karina Mae Manuel
16 years old
Student at Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School

Contestant No. 7
Katherine Ann Inclan
20 years old
Student at Western Mindanao State University
taking BS Nursing

Contestant No. 8
Racquel Asa
21 years old
Student at Western Mindanao State University

Contestant No. 9
Joey AlbertShort
21 years old
Western Mindanao State University