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Friday, August 1, 2008

Project Runway Philippines

The Philippine installment of Project Runway made its tv debut last July 30 on ETC Channel. The Bravo TV franchise aims to give Filipino designers break in to the fashion industry.

I really liked the first episode. The whole production gave justice to the original version of this hit reality tv show. The host was superb. The treatment of the loft clips is unique. It reminds me of the indie film-type of camera movements. The designs of are appeal to the Filipino taste yet world-class. Watch the clip below for the episode 1 runway show.


fafarrahzzi said...

i also saw the pilot and was blown away by the look and feel of the production. one wouldn't have thought it was a show shot in the PH! it was amazing. and i must say, teresa herrera was quite all right as the host, even though i was a little doubtful about her hosting skills in the beginning. anyway, i anticipate that the guys at the loft would get so much better throughout the next few episodes and come out with frocks that rock in no time!

SpideRye said...

the second episode was also great. finally, Philippine TV has something well done now. I hope that other stations can emulate this show.