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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Travel Guide: Zamboanga City to Dipolog City

If you're from Zamboanga City and planning to go to Dipolog City, here are some tips for your travel:

  • The bus terminal is located at Brgy. Guiwan. If you're going there by tricycle, the usual price from pueblo to the terminal is PhP 40.
  • If you're not used to eating in carenderias, bring your "baon".
  • The trip is usually 6 to 8 hours. Your bottom and your legs may feel numb. Thus, don't forget to stretch every now and then.
  • Bring coins for comfort room fees. Urination usually cost Php3.
  • First trip is at 3AM and last trip is at 8PM.
Hope this helps. Bon Voyage!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Come Home

Smart and Department of Tourism came up with a great ad to invite Filipinos to come back to their home during the holidays. :) Such timely post as I'm going back home to Dapitan tomorrow. (edited Dec. 29, 2007)


Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Relief Map of Mindanao

When going to Dapitan City, one should not miss to visit the relief map of Mindanao which is just across the St. James Church. The map has a total land area of roughly 900 square meters done by Dr. Jose Rizal with the assistance of Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez, S.J. It was intended as a motivating device for teaching history and geography to townsfolk.


2nd Handuraw Festival

Dapitan City is again celebrating its Handuraw Festival. Handuraw Festival aims to remember the life of Dr. Jose Rizal's life while being exiled in Dapitan from 1892-1896. Unfortunately, I have scheduled commitments during the said celebration so I cannot get some photos and footage of the events. However, if your near Dapitan, try to join the events. Below is the schedule of events:

Day 1 (Thursday, December 27) - Registration of participants of the seminar/workshop Reaffirming the Teachings of Rizal's Virtues and Idealism;
Opening Parade - Parade of Floats on the Legacies of Dr. Rizal in Dapitan;
Opening Programs of Handuraw 2007; Opening Program of Seminar Workshop; Launching of the Book "The Dapitan Correspondence of Dr. Jose P. Rizal and Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt" Compiler: Former Congressman Romeo G. Jalosjos; Opening of the Booths of 'The 10 Anchor Destinations' ( One Barangay, One Product);
Opening of the Visual Arts Exhibit;
Start of the On the Spot Painting Lecture on "Rizal as an Artist" Lecturer: Mr. Christopher A. Rollo of the National Commission of Culture and Arts;
Mutya sa Handuraw 2007;

Day 2 (Friday, December 28) - Continuation of the Seminar/ Workshop; Dr. Jose Rizal In Dapitan;
Fluvial Parade;
Chorale & Rondalla Contest;

Day 3 (Saturday December 29) - Closing Program Seminar/Workshop;
Display of Paintings;
Street Dancing;
Showdown; Balak;
Initiation of New Members of the Knights of Rizal;

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Basag Palayok (Hit the Pot)

Basag Palayok is a traditional Filipino game that is being played during fiestas, birthdays and other celebrations. The player is blindfolded while trying to hit a pot or palayok. The palayok is filled with prizes for the spectators to get after the pot is hit. Basag palayok was played in our recent Christmas party. It was fun.


Christmas Decorations in Zamboanga City

The plaza and city hall of Zamboanga is adorned with colorful lights. If you come to visit the place, you will forget that you are in Zamboanga. It resembles the bright lights in Paris and the festive atmosphere of Mexico.

Christmas in Zamboanga is celebrated by friends and families regardless of religious background. I can remember my college years when my classmates and I used to exchange gift and celebrate our Christmas party at a Muslim home.

For more pictures please visit my Multiply account.