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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tita Caling’s Chocolate Cake

In celebration of its’ 25th Silver Anniversary in the cake and pastry industry, Myrna’s Bake House launched a new chocolate cake in honour of the late Congresswoman and Zamboanga City Mayor Maria Clara Lorenzo-Lobregat last October 3.
Named as Tita Caling’s Chocolate Cake, it is a premium moist chocolate cake exquisitely filled with buttered rum raisin and topped with smooth dark chocolate walnut mousse.

The formal acceptance ceremony was witnessed by her son and Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat and other top city officials at the conference room of Zamboanga City Hall. According to Mayor Lobregat, chocolate was one of her favorite desserts. Tita Caling’s trusted aide, Benita Feliciano, said the late and the first woman mayor of Zamboanga City loved the chocolate cakes of Myrna’s Bake House ever since.

Tita Caling’s cake is frosted with high quality bitter sweet chocolate (has a high cocoa content that makes it chocolaty and very tempting to the palate) according to Myrna Incocencio, founder of Myrna’s Bake House. And the top design of the cake is engraved with the initial MCLL (Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat) with the used of supreme white chocolate, she furthered described it.

It is so far one of the best chocolate cakes baked by Myrna’s Bake House since 1983. “Made of the finest ingredients, it has been thought passionately for a long time and had undergone several changes before the final product outcome,” the cake creator Ivy Inocencio-Simbajon said. Mayor Lobregat approved of it as it went several revisions before it was made officially presented to the public.

Ivy Simbajon describing Tita Caling's Chocolate Cake

Simbajon described that Tita Caling Chocolate Cake is composed of two layers – the upper portion is made of smooth dark walnut mousse (that taste like soft delicious ice cream), and has a solid and firm lower base made of rich moist chocolate cake to support it.

She explained that the upper portion of the cake represents her feminine side – very cool and refined. The lower portion solid base cake represents her strong convictions and firm values in life that has made her one of the most respected and loved Zamboangueña in the history of Asia’s Latin City.

Like her charming personality, Tita Caling Chocolate Cake is a mouth-watering master piece that attracts and gives a delightful eating experience, Myrna’s Bake House boasted. It is now available in their four outlets.

Like all other Myrna’s Bake House products, the ingredients used in Tita Caling’s Chocolate Cake are manufactured and purchased from big and reputable companies and suppliers in the Philippines.

Myrna’s Bake House has always been known for its best tasting cakes and pastries for the last 25 years. It has been named as one of the biggest consumers of Nestle, Anchor, Magnolia-San Miguel, and other popular and reputable brands in the market.
City Mayor Celso Lobregat accepted the first chocolate cake named after his late mother Congresswoman and City Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat

Top city officials at the launching of the Tita's Caling Chocolate Cake



what makes it special? hehe convince me! I wanna know so i wont order black forest when I get there

zamboangagirl said...

hi buddha b, this is reply a year and a half in the making but i swear, it is really, really scrumptious. next time you are here, my treat. :)


HAHAHA OMG,one year. I even forgot I posted something here. Aight, see you then soon. Lets have afternoon high tea at home too.