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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zamboagueña alluring beauty

by Tita Corteza/ Social Whirl- Society Columnist of Daily Zamboanga Times

I Love Biocare

She is the epitome of a real modern career oriented Zamboangueña beauty – Jennilyn “Jet” Tenorio. Dedicated to her work but never neglects her physical beauty. And she has made us proud in her own way.

Not fair skin or of the mestiza type, her gorgeousness has been compared to Techie Agbayani or Anjanette Agbayari many times. They have these strong Filipina features admired by men and women as well all over the world. Their morena beauties are timeless. Their golden tan skin are desired by Europeans and Americans everywhere (which makes me still wonder why do most Filipinas like to be fair when we have the exotic skin that makes us stand out above the rest of the women).

I am a morena myself and it has never hampered me from entering beauty contests. As a matter of fact, my glowing brown skin makes me the center of attention of men in my younger days and the envy of other ladies until today. Beyond beauty skin, it is the self-confidence that will bring us forward. I have always believed I am beautiful and so is Jet.

A professional singer, Jet, has been in and out of our country to perform with top bands as their lead singer in big cities all over the world. With a melodramatic sweet voice, she can carry her audience into the air and feel the emotions of her songs. And she can also swing her audience into a dancing mood by changing to an exuding sexy voice.

On a short vacation here, Jet took a beauty rest and was elated when she learned about the beauty and health festival offers of fave Biocare Skin Slimming Spa Center. To maintain her glowing and radiant skin, she regularly visits the best skin centers of other countries and seeks professional reliable skin experts. Before coming home to Zamboanga City, Biocare was top on her must do list.

Preparing for her beauty treatment

It is so relaxing at Biocare

She likes Biocare because of their modern treatments and procedures that help bring out and enhance her natural looks, not changed it, she said. Biocare, she added, knows how to reveal the true value of a woman’s beauty no matter what’s their age, their skin type or even lifestyles. They don’t impose beauty, they make you more beautiful of your God-given physical asset which is the main reason she is a Biocare avid client she explained.

She saw herself how the different beauty levels of Biocare clients are being taken care off. From high school to college students, from housewives to professionals, they keep on coming back to Biocare like her, Jet told me. They’re her beauty mates, she claimed.

“I love going to Biocare because it’s so clean, cozy, and everyone respects your privacy. They’re very accommodating. It’s like having a home service here, so relaxing and an exhilarating beauty experience,” she continued in our conversation.

She excitedly talked also about the Biocare Oxygen Biologie Mask she availed of. It has done rejuvenating wonders to her stressed out skin. She has looked younger because of it, she swore. She had a full body scrub done by Biocare to remove her dead skin all over her body she revealed too.

No wonder Zamboangueñas are admired wherever she goes because Biocare has taken good care of her physical assets.

Preparing for her body scrub

Inside Biocare Luxurious Sauna Room

Jen had a Biocare volcanic stone massage

Biocare Polarized Light Skin Treatment

Biocare Biologie Oxygen Mask

To keep her fats out, Jen had a slimming treatment too

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