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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let’s have our 3rd cup

by Dante Corteza

Asia’s Latin City is getting to be a highly urbanized place and will be like big metropolitan cities of Makati, Cebu, or Davao someday. We are catching up with the changing lifestyles today. One of these is hanging outside our home for a good cup of coffee. A coffee shop – where we can unwind and relax with families, friends or business associates. Where we can freely talk, plan, or simply chat with one another.

What’s best, we can go there all by ourselves too. Alone – we can lighten up, reflect, and think better. And where we can find this right spot? The 3rd Cup Coffee Shop at Gov. Camins Avenue (it is on the left side if we are coming from the Sta. Cruz Market and before the bridge of the crossroads of Canelar and Sta. Maria).
Under a better management, this is the new hype place to be and where we can enjoy more than two cups of coffee. Aside from making us alert, coffee has its good health benefits too according to recent medical findings. This is good news for coffee addicts!

Pair our coffee with a sandwich, pasta, pastries, or a slice of cake, the day is complete at 3rd Cup. Now if we’re not coffee drinkers, they serve smoothies, teas, cola drinks, or even beers to satisfy our thirst. We can also surf the net for free at 3rd Cup.

What’s makes 3rd Cup different from others is that it can accommodate up to 60 people at the same time. It is the biggest coffee shop in town. For smokers, they have a separate room specifically for them. And now, if we’re planning to have a small pocket meeting, 3rd Cup has a small function room that can accommodate 20 people.

What I like about 3rd Cup? It has a classic and comfy ambiance with friendly budget prices.

3rd Cup Assistant Marketing Manager Nini Arquiza welcomed the 3rd Cup guests and Friends

Cutting of ribbon by Helen Tan and Ed Ong

Blessing the entrance of the 3rd Cup

Bankers at 3rd Cup

3rd Cup brings harmony in short orders of drinks and food

Where ladies can enjoy the latest fashions and vacation places

Where ladies can enjoy the latest fashions and vacation places

Fr. Butch Candido with 3rd Cup Operation Managers Allan Luy, Alvin and Angel Luy

Fr. Butch Candido welcomed the grace of God

New place to hang-out in Asia's Latin City



the place looks pretty ordinary but i still wanna check it out when I get there. the name sounds like a badminton place haha

price range?

SpideRye said...

joker ka talga. you can buy coffee as low as P40. Actually their price is the lowest here in the city.


P40? that's pretty cheap! the 16oz coffee I'm drinking cost me P125...damn, daw kere yo desma haha bien barato!!! post more photos