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Friday, January 4, 2008

December 2007 Dapitan Tour Guiding

Last Christmas, two (2) of my students from Zamboanga City visited Dapitan City. Since I was at home during the holidays, I volunteered to tour them around the city. Jet is from Dipolog City so she has been to some of the places. On the other hand, Franz who is originally from Manila had a great time since it was her first time in Dapitan.

Our first stop was the Rizal Park. During the 4-year exile of Jose Rizal in Dapitan City, he was able to buy this property when he won in a lottery. In this area, he was able to built a clinic, a school and a home.

Our next stop was the St. James Parish Church which was built by the Jesuits in 1883 during the Spanish period in the Philippines by the Jesuits. The church symbolizes the early Christianization of Dapitan. It still looks the same as the building where Rizal heard mass. Jet and Franz had the opportunity of climbing the "veranda" to be able to see the top view of the church interior.

Right across the church is the relief map of Mindanao which is another landmark in the city. The visitors were able to trace the path they took from Zamboanga City to Dapitan City. The map is part of the City Plaza which Rizal helped designed. In fact, some of the trees that Rizal planted are still standing in the plaza. I also showed them the Dapitan City Cultural and Multi-Purpose Center. During our visit, carpenters were preparing the stage for the Mutya ng Handuraw search.

A few meters from the city plaza are the Spanish style houses. I took them at the ancestral home of the Adaza's which serves as a satellite office of the Department of Tourism for Region IX.

Our next stop was the Gloria de Dapitan which a commercial and recreational complex. We rode on a tricycle going to Gloria. Franz was amazed with how much the tricycle ride costs. In Dapitan, the tricy fare is only PhP6 within the city proper. It is very cheap compared with the tricy ride in Zamboanga.

It was unfortunate that we went to Gloria de Dapitan during day time when many of the shops and establishments were closed. Therefore, I just toured them around the complex and took souvenir pictures.

Our last destination before heading back to our house is the Rotonda in Lawaan wherein a big galleon was constructed. In my last post, I mentioned that the galleon was constructed for the Christmas. I made an erratum because it was actually built for the Handuraw Festival celebration.

After the tour, we went back to our house to rest for a while. Jet and Franz headed to Dipolog for another adventure during the holidays. :)

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