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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Relief Map of Mindanao

When going to Dapitan City, one should not miss to visit the relief map of Mindanao which is just across the St. James Church. The map has a total land area of roughly 900 square meters done by Dr. Jose Rizal with the assistance of Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez, S.J. It was intended as a motivating device for teaching history and geography to townsfolk.


girlfromdipolog said...

Wow Dapitan!

Kevin said...

I've got another view of the relief map from the very top of the St James church bell tower, which I could email to you. We have also made our own relief map in Colupan, Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental - smaller than Rizal's, but with lights highlighting the main cities, and water.