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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Art in the Mall

Several weeks ago, I had the chance to travel to Manila to chap eron my students who are going to attend the Graphika Manila International Multimedia Design Conference. It was a hush-hush organizing of the trip due to some difficulties with bureaucracy. However, I was able to create a good itinerary for the activities that we can do to maximize our stay in Manila.

The first activity after arriving in the Metro was to visit art galleries. Since the students are taking Multimedia and Animation course, I decided that they be exposed to other types of designs and art. We went to see the art pieces displayed in the galleries that can be found on the upper floor of SM Mega Mall. Most of the students were inspired to see the art works. They got some ideas that they can use in creating digital artworks which are required in their portfolio development subject.

On my part, I was inspired to start painting again soon. I use to paint in watercolor when I was in High School. I wanted to also try other media but workload and other involvements hindered me. I hope to pursue painting in the next semester since it seems to be a little lenient on schedule.

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