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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Schedule of Activities

In my opinion, this year's Zamboanga Hermosa Festival marketing plan is not working well. Local residents and tourist had difficulty in getting the correct schedule of activities for the festivities. Posters has not yet been released and the tarpaulins were displayed just yesterday. The schedule that I posted here several days ago which I got from a local newspaper was errronous and thus I have to delete it.

Here is the schedule I got from the tarpaulin which was display along the Gov. Camins Ave Rotonda:

Wow Zamboanga
October 1- 8
7PM- onwards
National Museum Courtyard, Fort Pilar

Cosechas de Zamboanga
October 1-15
9AM, Plaza Pershing

Art Exhibit
October 6 - November 6
6PM, Garden Ochid Hotel

City-wide Job Dair
October 2-3
8AM- 5PM
City Health Compound

Novena Mass
October 3 -5
5:30 PM
Fort Pilar

Beng Climaco Badminton Cup
(Inter-Government Tournament)
October 3-6
8AM- 5PM
LB Badminton Center

1st Zamboanga Hermosa Invitational MTB Challenge
(Circuit Race Competition)
October 5
7AM- onwards
Abong-abong, Pasonanca

SMB Cerveza Negra Jazz Saturday Nights
October 4
8PM - onwards
Cafe Zambo, Canelar

Regatta de Zamboanga
October 5
RT Lim Boulevard

Mindanao Week of Peace 2008 Awarding Ceremony
(writing and painting competition)
October 6
National Museum Courtyard, Fort Pilar

Servicio Medical
October 7
8AM - 5PM
City Health Compound

Dancesport Competition - Year 5
October 8
ZC Coliseum

Grand Fashion Show
October 8
Astoria Regency

Fiesta Solo Art Exhibit
October 8 - November 8
5:30 (Opening Exhibit)
The Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago
ADZU, La Purisima Street

Miss Zamboanga 2008
October 9
Astoria Regency

Chabacano Song Festival
October 9
Garden Orchid Hotel

"Classic Meets Rock"
October 10 & 11
Multi-Purpose Covered Court
ADZU, La Purisima Street

Erico Basilio Fiesta Pilar Dart Cup
October 10-11
Ram's Beer Garden

"Savers the Wonder Dog"
Dog Show
October 10 -11
ZC Coliseum

Motorcade Dog Show
October 10
8AM, 3PM - 5PM

Dog Show
October 11
8AM - 10AM, 3PM - 5PM

Mascota de Zamboanga Show
October 10
Museum Courtyard, Fort Pilar

MYMP Concert
October 10
ZC Coliseum

Floral Float Parade
Street Dance Competition
Street Dance Showdown
Fiesta Main Program
October 11
1PM: Canelar to City Hall
3PM: Stage at City Hall

Wow Sardinas
October 11
5:30 ON
RT Lim Boulevard

Wushu Sanshou Tournament
October 11
ZCPC Covered Court

Mayor Celso L. Lobregat Cup
Golf Tournament - Year 4
October 11 - 12
Zamboanga Golf Course and Beach Park

Awarding Ceremony
October 12
Garden Deck, Garden Orchid Hotel

Religious Activities
October 12
Fort Pilar

Market Bazaar/ Garage Sale
October 18 -19
9AM - 6PM
Parking Area, MP Towers
NuƱez Extension

San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest
120 Celebrations
October 24
7PM - onwards
Gov. Camins Ave.



will you be covering the festivities too? too bad i wont be in zamboanga

Al-Majed said...

will i still get to see vinta's at this time? im here in zamboanga, staying at Azenith Royale Hotel for a 2 day vacation. I'll be leaving tomorrow. please help me thanks! this is just my 3rd time here. email me at


I heard the regatta de zamboanga ( vinta boat race) was yesterday...too bad im based outside zamboanga and will be back december

Al-Majed said...

are you from zamboanga also? i'll be leaving tomorrow back to manila. i was wondrin' if there is still a chance for me take a picture of the vinta's (not the one in the museums).
right now, there are a lot of soldiers roving around the city.


yes but I only visit / come home once every two years. There are a lot of soldiers roving the city for security's just the right thing to do..safer that way too. try cawa-cawa boulevard...not sure though

Al-Majed said...

yep for security reasons. I actually interviewed one soldier and he told us that. The soldiers were from basilan troop.
do you have any suggestions where we could go tomorrow? our morning schedule is free.
ok thanks!

SpideRye said...

wow. got too busy covering the festivities. I wasnt able to check the comments here. im sorry al-majed i wasnt able to respond immediately. buddha banana, i will be updating the entries soon. please watch out for them. :)

Zamboanga is a safe and peaceful place. Hola Zamboanga!


thanks parents seem to be pretty busy too with events and parties in the city....sigh haha