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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Free Trip to Boracay. WOW!

Boracay is in my list of places that I hope to visit this year. I haven't been there, but I know that the island is so great that thousands or millions of tourists visit the place each year. But definitely, visiting the place would mean a slash on my savings. :) While visiting my favorite travel blog "Ivan About Town", I learned that Ivan and SeaAir are giving out round-trip ticket to Boracay by raffle. I thought I must join the contest and wish that I will be rewarded. To read more about the contest visit

I know I have been good for a long time. I deserve a good vacation in Boracay. :)


estan said...

bai, boracay's sand and beach is really good pero personally, beyond that, its quite disturbing. hehehe, i'm not really very impressed since as it is quite touristy, dami pesky vendors selling fake shades, fake watches, pearls (faux?), boat and diving trips, etc.

also, you can't get a good view of the horizon without being spoiled by bancas and motorboats anchored a few meters from the shore.

pero i have to admit, once i first got a glimpse of the sand and sea and i was just awestruck!


fafarrahzzi said...

hey there, i hope you win that free pass! if only i had dropped by your blog earlier, i'd have been able to give the whole blog post/essay thing a try. sayang, you never know when you might just get lucky, odiba...

anyhow, i think you'll love bora. anyone who loves the sun, sand and sea would love bora. never mind the tourists (well, unless the whole place is positively inundated with people...).. if you want something more secluded, you can fly over to the likes of palawan. both are beautiful places, but each has a different feel to it. there's a different sense of adventurism as well. taken side by side, there is just no comparison.

alternatively, bora is a social place, so to speak. but the powdery white sand is legendary, and the view captivates, depending on your chosen vantage point. places like bora will always be beautiful (as long as the weather cooperates, hehe).. to best enjoy bora, i suggest you bring good friends or family. but maybe good friends na lang muna, if you had to choose. for the kalokohans in the nighttime, har har. and don't forget to drop by puka beach when the sun is at its brightest (around noontime) for maximum appreciation of the beauty of the place, and para solo nyo yung beach. i agree when people say that bora is one of those places that you just have to see at least once in your life. if you don't mind the minor distractions (e.g., dami tourists, hawkers), you might just get hooked. ganda ganda..

tapnotch said...

I also think Bora Bora is overrated but its powdery sand, clear sun and malumot water and all the excesses are what make Bora still a dream holiday. Been there twice but I would still love to go back. Hope you got your share of beach bummin in Bora this summer...

Boracay Hotels said...

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